People are starting to get all excited over losing an hour tonight. Really. They're all "Oooh, the time is changing! Ooooh, I don't like this! Oooh, we need to keep our hour, I want to sleep!"


You're not losing an hour. You're just time shifting. There will still be 24 hours in a day, the moon will rise and the sun will still set, and if you're that worried about losing an hour of sleep, keep your butts in bed!

We need to go to Daylight Savings Time. We need it! You know why we need it?

Because the Woman is a whiny little witch-widda-b, and she's night blind, and I'm farking tired of hearing about it getting dark too early, and I need the time t change so that my head doesn't pop and make my brains splatter all over the walls.

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I have never missed that 'hour' that people claim to lose! People worry about it more hours than they 'miss'

Yeah--my humans worry about that too. Max, you sound so surprised that I was actually at the Loup!

Our Gramma and Grampa set their clocks ahead right after dinner on this night. That way, they don't feel like they are losing any sleep!

Tell The Woman to do the same thing.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

I tried to tell my mom to just to go bed an hour earlier and she wouldn't lose the hour.

I am glad that your Woman enjoys going on Daylight Saving Time. I don't mind it so much, but I think it starts too early in the year. We haven't even had the Equinox yet.

We are about to shift away from Daylight Savings. Pffft.

it'z pi day.
jus sayin.

Mom tends to ignore clocks, she haf us to wake her up and da sun to keep her awake. Dad's sez dey should split da difrince and just go back a half hour dis fall and den not move clocks anymore but dat is just because he don't like resetting stuff alla time...even tho it's mom that does it. Ack, we just got confoozled.

cripes! there has been much p!ssin' an' moanin' at chez pierce, too, about the "missing hour". whatefur; it din't make any difference to our nap schedule, an' we noticed that mom an' dad managed to squeeze their afternoon sleep in, too.

We don 't understand whut da whole hoo-haa wuz about. We didn't lose a thing - still gots da same amount of naps in, still eat when we want, poop when we want, yadda, yadda, yadda - best part is da beans stay out wif da blurp later (more interrupted free time fer us).

Um, correction . . . that would be UNinterrupted free time.

our the mom is complaining that it will not be the middle of the night dark when she goes to werk.

Very well said Max!
And we agree with you, only thing we wishes is that DST is furrever. We should never turn it off!
You rock dude!

What is it about humans, anyway? They complain if it's dark and late, they complain if it's light and early. They should try to be more like us cats. We can sleep anytime, dark or light, late or early!

I'm with you Max! I like the extra hour at night too cause I can watch the birdies longer.
My beans are much happier when it is lighter too. Lots less whining too.
My beans kinda forgot and stayed up late. But #2 didn't sleep in longer so Sunday they were like brain dead zombies. Well, more like brain dead zombies than usual.

Uh, Max? The Big Thing says he is pretty sure Sunday really did only haf 23 hours in it.

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We awarded ya an awardie! Its unique.

WE have to admit that our mom hates the time change - either direction of it. It messes with her sleep problems and she feels sick all week usually. She wishes they would just make it daylight savings all the time.

Meowser Max!

Just found you and so furry glad! Waz beginning to wonder if I wuz the only smart cat out there. Gud to see that's not the case at all!

Regarding the time shift....I'm with you, what the heck is the big deal?!? As long as I get my snacks on time, I'm good. Miss my snack and the time change will seem like a cake walk compared to my revenge ;) Yep, I'm ferocious!

Gud to meet you Max!


Max, Dood! The time change is a big deal cuz how will you know when your favorite TeeVee shows come on? I mean, we don't change the time in AZ, but the TeeVee shows move around. I mean, really, you'd hate to be napping on the couch when a dog show was on instead of mythbusters.