OK, the Woman has a couple of friends who have this thingy where people and kitties can ask questions, and they answer them. Kind of like public email, I guess. But I get lots of weird and funny questions sometimes, so I decided to jump on their bandwagon and create an account at the place where the questions can be asked. Bonus: you don't have to go there to ask me a question, you can do it from the little box in the sidebar that says Ask Max Anything.

So ask me! I'll answer anything.

later edited to add: To make it easier to read the answers and for you to be able to comment, the Woman created a new blog, Ask Max Anything. Ask the question here or there, it'll all wind up in my formspring inbox, I'll answer the questions as I get them, and they'll pop up on there, the Ask Max blog, and my Facebook page (if you're my FB friend. If not, why not?)

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How will we know when you answer? Do we have to sign up?

Yeah--me too. How will you know when you answer? Or will it be there on the side bar. 'Cause you know: I really really really want to know why there is only one person like Alan Grayson who speaks his mind in the Congress?

If I don't get too many questions, I'll make the answers show up here, but they'll also be at http://formspring.me/psychokittymax . If I get lots of questions, I'll do like the Woman's friend Undr did and make a 2nd blog where they show up. They'll also show up on my Facebook page so if you're my FB friend you'll see 'em.

This will be fun!

That's so cool Max!
You are always so cutting edge with all the stuff you come up with!

We asked a question, but Mommakitty wrote it when SHE wuz loggin in (so it may say it's from StudioSusie). Basically, we wanted to know when a blurp is no longer a blurp - we knows you has experience.

We'll have to get some good questions ... because you know we'll get good answers!

And kudos on 500,000 visitors -- that's awesome, and definitely deserving of some ham.

I love to read your answers, Max! I can never get enough of the Psychokitty! Would you ever let Buddah answer a question?


I just read your "Ask Max Anything" blog's questions and answers. Some cats (and people) having been asking some really good questions. I enjoyed reading your answers.

If I have a question, I now know where to go. :-)