The Woman has this friend who lives in Wisconsin; they've been friends for longer than I've been alive, which is saying a lot. Like, who knew? The Woman was able to make friends at one point in her life. Yeah, I can't believe it either.

Since the Woman is getting old, her friend sent her presents this week. In the package was this:

what have we here?


You should have seen Buddah. Holy crap, she pulled those rubber duckies out of the package and he went apechit trying to get at them. She teased him by saying they weren't for kitties, but he wasn't giving up. I've never seen a kitty try to get at something the way he was trying to get at those ducks, not unless it was like real live fresh dead shrimp, or an itchy place on his fun parts.

They're Ninja Ducks so I think after the lights get turned out tonight they'll hide and he'll spend the next week looking for them.

That's like a present for me, since it means he'll stay out of my hair fur.

Way cool.

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Oooh, Mom has a bunch of ducks like that. They are SCARY! Santa Duck especially. When Mom squeezes him, he (gasp) puffs air at us! Be careful, Max!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, and Cookie and Caramel (the fosters)

Ninja Ducks, huh? Since Buddah really likes them, I bet they will keep him out of your fur, even if they don't disappear in the night.

We have never heard of ninja ducks but they've got to be good if they keep Buddah occupied.

We've never seen ninja ducks before! Be careful, they look scary!

ninja ducks? very cool!

You're lucky the Wisconsin friend didn't send a Wisconsin Dells Duck!
They're way bigger than ninja ducks.

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Those ninja ducks look very cool ... I can see why Buddah went nuts over them. It was nice seeing the picture of Dusty, too. Hope your Mom has a good birthday, and I hope she gets more presents for you.

I'm am glad that you benefit from those ducks too Max!

Those are pretty ninja ducks. I'll bet Kirby would love to help Buddah hunt them!

Do you think they are mutant ninja ducks?

daisy has a point, there, max. maybe it's BEST that buddah has them if they're mutants;-)

Oh, we bet you like the duckies, too, Max. You're just trying to act all cool and stuff... ;)

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

They do look like a lot of FUN to play with!!! Happy Birthday to your mom!


Buddah sure is easily amused...not like you, Max...

Ninja ducks? Toys or terrors?

Hope the woman has fun playing with them.
All by herself.

We agree Max... Annythin what keeps Buddah from botherin ya seems like a real good idea!