This morning, I was really nice to the Woman. I climbed on top of her at 8 o'clock and waited very patiently until it was time for her to wake up. She sleeps later than most people do, because deep down she is lazy, and I can say that because it's not like it's some huge secret. I waited and purred and occasionally petted her face, and when it was time for her to wake up I climbed onto her pillow, put my face right by her ear and said, very gently, WAKE UP I AM HUNGRY!!!

Well, now. You'd think I stabbed her in the eat with a Q-tip or something.

In spite of my niceness she didn't jump up and open my can of Stinky Goodness. No, she feels like she can take the time to visit the giant litter box room, where she takes care of biznezz and drugs up. And just to annoy me now she stands on this thing that says "GET OFF ME YOU'RE FAT."

I think the goal is to stand on it every day until it says, "Well, ok. That's not too bad." But until then she's KILLING it and I don't think it's happy, not at all.

See, she's tormenting EVERYONE in the morning when we'd all be happy if she would just get up and feed me!

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Some humans are not morning people I guess?

Yes we would all be happy if she got up at a decent time to feed you. But then, what would you have to blog about?

Hum.. you'd think that she'd be willing to feed you when she herself is hungry. Heaven knows they project enough of their fat onto us, when we are tiny cats...

Geesh, the things we kitties have to deal with. Don't the beans get it? The Woman obviously doesn't love you. You need a new one.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Our Mom likes to sleep in too! WE have found that jumping off the window sill onto her pillow works very well.

Git a blurp. They wakes up da beans real early - just in time fer breakfast!

We sit on The Big Thing all morning tryin ta get Breakfast, and all that happens is that he rolls over.

Sometimes we efen breathe right ints his mouf. But it nefer does anny good. He just keeps movin around unner the blankies.

Its hopeless...

Feed the kittehs! Feed the kittehs!

Max, what I do is knead Mom's squishy belly in the general area of her bladder. Works every time.

Granted, she does make a run to the human litter box room, but then she's Awake. Heh.

Panda Bear

I fink she needs a can opener or bag of kibbles next to da bed. Then she'd haf efurryfing wifin reach. Come to fink of it, dat would be more convenient fur us, too. If I can bring toys to bed so I can play while she's sleepin, I should be aloud to bring snax, too.

Ew! Dude, I posted a comment as my sisfur! Bleh!

hehe, Max! My momma's not a morning purrson, either.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

I hates it when mine Mummy wakes up in the morning and shuts herself up immediately in the human litterbox room too. So every morning I follows mine Mummy when she wakes up and makes sure she doesn't go into the human litterbox room without me. I mean, what if she falls into the toilet and the door is locked and she's all alone there and no one can save her!


yer mornin rooteen iz like mi brudder mickey'z mornin rooteen.
he takez care uv all uv us.
mi mom duzzen't havva thing dat she standz on ... it wood rooin her day.
da end.

our the mom doesn't get up early enough to feed us either. like we care that it's 3:17am

the things we kitties have to deal Tith. Don't the beans get it? The Woman obviously doesn't love you.

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