Gah...tonight the Man and I were actually playing; I was stretched out on the bed with the fuzzy blanket and he was batting at me with his hands and I was batting back with my mighty paws, and after a little bit I jumped into the laundry basket. The Woman dumped a bunch of dirty clothes on top of me, but that didn't stop me. I kept playing with him, biting his hand through wads of her dirty t-shirts. And honestly, I was having fun for once.

And you know what she did? She made him stop! He said he was going to call into work and tell them he couldn't come because he was playing with the cat, and she made him get his stuff and leave! Like passing gas is more important than playing with me!

Last night I stretched out on her pillow and petted her face. I think tonight I'll curl up on her pillow again, but this time I'll let loose with a mighty fart. 'Cause truly, she deserves it.

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Do you think she'll learn her lesson? Nice of the man to play with you!

Huffle Mawson

The nerve of some people!

That really wasn't fair to stop you having some man time together. She's probably jealous.

It seems you guys are enjoying a lot.
Thanks for sharing...

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Your Man passes gas for a living? Wow I had no idea, bet my parents didn't either!

How rude of her to make you stop playing. After all what is more important than that?!

That was indeed truly mean of her to interrupt the Man Time. Hmph. Doesn't she have a book she's working on, a cover to design, or something? ;)

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

We were thinking a doppleganger took over our beloved Max turning him into a playful, lovey dovey kitty.
But then we got to your last line and all is well. Max is still here!

She should have been happy that you were playing with the man! I am sure she will regret breaking it up.

Your man had his priorities straight, stay home and play with the kittie. So putting your backside into her face and passing your own gas is perfectly acceptable.

Since she thinks it is so important for the Man to go pass gas, I think it should make her happy if you do the same tonight on her pillow.

I think you have the perfect punishment for her interrupting your Man Time. How rude!

you'd think she would have let him play longer.. the Jenny lady would have supported that, right?

yes, we agree, farting in her face is funny

sounds like a plan, dude. make her eyes water!!

The fart idea sounds good. The Woman needs ta be punished fer disturbin yer fun...

I think that was kinda rude of the woman to disrupt the play of not only you but the man, too.