Oh man I love Box Cleaning Day. Not when it just gets scooped, but when the Woman takes it outside and scrubs it and then fills it with brand new litter. There's nothing like being the first kitty to foul a nice clean box.

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Not to mention how cool it is to see the Humans at work. Real work. For us... he he he.

Your box get scrubbed?!? Hey Mama.......

And do you wait patiently until she puts it where it belongs, then jump right in, so that it doesn't stay clean more than 10 seconds?

I always have that privilege Max. It's a nice feeling.

Huffle Mawson

It doesn't happen 'round here NEARLY often enough, we can tell you.

Oh yeah, that's the best!

It's the little things in life that make a difference...we think ours are due to have that done (other than the scrubbing thing, our Mommy's much too lazy to go *that* far) this weekend!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

(PS from The Mommy -- actually, I'm afraid if I take the time to take the boxes outside to scrub and clean, they'll poop/pee on the floor -- they barely wait for me to clean 'em out before *someone* HAS to go! LOL)

Usually our mommy just buys us new litter pans when ours get nasty. Actually, I think it's around that time now.

Our 9 year old tyrant, Mew, has us trained well. We encase the bottom section of her two-part litter box with a (cheap) plastic 10 gallon trashbag and then put the litter inside. We spray a solution of Timsen on the inside of the bottom section before the plastic bag is put on and the box never develops "that" smell. 'Course Mew likes clay litter, not the fancy stuff. (Turning the bag inside out when removing it from the bottom keeps the used litter enclosed by the plastic bag. Mostly.)

You know it!

Ahhh, the joy of a clean litter box!

It's usually a race, okay, more of a flat out charge to see who can get in the clean litterbox first for us.

i will discuss da "takin it owtside an scrubbin it" part uv dis post. i wan mi mom to heer it lowd an cleer.
scrubbin iz essenshul to a fine smellin box.

Mum did that on Sunday. She cleaned one and even let it sit in the sun to dry. Then switched it out with the full one and repeated the cleaning.

Oh yeah...that's like heaven! We barely can wait until she gets the box back into place!

My Pumpkin has a completely clean litter box since yesterday. I have two deep litter boxes that I switch off so that I can soak and then scrub the one that is so foul smelling while kitty has a perfectly clean box. Just switched from Cat's Pride to Swheat for now, since the cat/dog shop lady on our block hasn't been getting Cat's Pride in stock for a while. Found the Swheat at D'Agostino's supermarket. Both brands are flushable.

Max, I know you don't want to know about those flushable types, but I just had to share what's going on here with Pumpkin's boxes.


New supply of crunchy treats and freshly scrubbed litter box all in one week! Lucky cat.


Didja roll in it? I like to roll in it like an outside cat afore usin it.

Happy World Cat Day.

Heeeehehe furry troo.
Happy Werld Cat Day Max n Buddah.
Alla Us Hotties

Max, getting to christen the box is the best! Cookie has taken over duties of Chief Scooper Snoopervisor, so she makes sure Dad does everything right.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, and Cookie and Caramel (the fosters)

Nice. Make sure you beat Buddah to it!

hee hee!

Hmmm, we need ta remind The Big Thing that he hasn't super-cleaned our boxes that way fer a while...