The People went out today and when they came back, they had steak! For US! Given the sorry state of special treats around here lately, that was like AWESOME!

And it wasn't just a tiny tiny piece, the Woman gave us each pieces that started out about an inch big that she cut into bite sized for us. It was soooo good.

There was also present-opening, hich leads me to think I was not reminded of someone getting old, but really, I got steak so I don't care.

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My mum and dad ate steak tonight, but did I get any? No. What should I do?

Huffle Mawson

Well, look at you, all fancy eatin'and crowin' about it! My mom came home from O hi O with all kinds o' good smells about her person, but did she bring back a kitty bag for her poor, starving, neglected Angus? NO!

What an excellent treat. Who cares if your person is old? So is mine...

oh BOY!!!!!

Steak! We think we remember what it tastes like. you are one lucky kitty!

Steaks? YUMMY!

That was nice of them!
After her hogging the ninja ducks its the very least she could do.

We tryed cooked steak a coupla times an dint like it. But when The Big Thing trims the raw ones, there are little bits he gives ta us an we like THAT lots!

Wow, steak?? You are one lucky cat, Max...oh yeah, Buddah too!

Wow, that was very generous of The Woman to share some of her birthday dinner with you. Mmmm ... steak ...

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, and Cookie and Caramel (the fosters)

Happy purrday to your old one! Birfdays are just ducky and for shure a fun ducky day for yoo!

who cares what the reason was for the steak, just that you got some.

Steak is great, no matter what the occasion. I am glad that you got a nice big piece, cut up, of course.

Yeaaa!!!! Steak!!!! WOW! Wait. We've never had steak. But we did get Vishus Deer canned food...

That is awesome. I never get steak. And when my mom gets even older next week? She won't even be here! Don't think I won't remember this.

Steak?? That's way cool.

Steak and presents and something from The Woman's friend in Wisconsin a few days ago. Did The Woman get older?

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

We're glad someone getting old resulted in you getting yummy steak. Yum!


You are one lucky cat! I got older last Sunday but didn't have any steak (for me or my Pumpkin cat). But I did have a big salad with broiled real live big shrimp on it. I was at a restaurant in NJ, so Miss Pumpkin missed out altogether. There weren't enough shrimp to have any to take back to Pumpkin.


it musta been her purrthday, max. you is lucky she shared!