Dusty, The Cat Who Came Before Me

Dusty, circa January 2001

The Woman found this picture while poking through old files. It used to make her sad to see pictures of Dusty because she was not ready for her to go off to the Rainbow Bridge, but this time it made her smile.

You can kinda tell that she didn't feel very well when the picture was taken--it was probably a month or so before she went to the Bridge--but she still posed for the camera.

Dusty was kinda grumpy. I think that's why I like seeing pictures of her. We woulda gotten along just fine...

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She was a lovely cat. I bet you two would have gotten along very well.

You would have gotten along with that pretty lady cat!

I am very glad that finding a picture of Dusty now makes the Woman smile. I think you would have gotten along with her very well, too.

You both would have gotten along with my brother poo-face Salvador.

Huffle Mawson

Dusty was a beautiful girl. We are sure your mom misses her greatly. She looks a lot like Caddy, our Nana's cat who went to the bridge last year.

My mom used to get sad when she saw pictures of Mr. Teeth and Clarkie or thought about them, but now she likes to tell me lots of stories 'bout the trouble they used to cause. I still think I am the Most Awesome of all her cats, but Mr. Teeth does sound pretty cool.

Dusty looked lovely. It's good that your Woman can smile now when she sees her photos. That means her heart is mended enough to remember all the good times and not just the sad times.

Dusty looks like a very wonderful cat!

What a sweet face she has. I wish I could have known Dusty.

My condolences. She was very pretty.

We lost Neko Sunday before last. It doesn't get any easier.




It got cut off, just take out the spaces between the two chunks if you are interested.

What a sweet photo, capturing a wonderful moment to cherish.

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Dusty looks like a lovely kitty. It's hard to get past the sadness of losing the kitties, but it eventually fades just enough to let the good memories get through. We're glad The Woman has gotten to that point. We're sending her purrrrrrs.

We bet you two would have gotten along very well, Max. ;)

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

It sure is harder to look at pictures of them if we weren't ready for them to go. Like I can look at pictures of my Bailey who was 17, but still can't bear to look at pictures of Smudge, who wasn't even 2 and should still be here dammit.
So glad you're smiling now. Dusty was obviously very loved. And very gorgeous.

Oh Max...Dusty sure was a pretty kitty...with some great coloring! It's nice that the woman can smile now when she sees a picture of Dusty...

Dusty was a beautiful kitty! We like reading posts about kittehs who came before. It is wonderful to honor their memories. She sounds like a wonderful ladycat.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, and Cookie and Caramel (the fosters)

Awwwww shes very pretty and we agree, you two would have been best pals!

a pretty lady cat with an attitude. you gotta love that. kinda like pat benatar. she looks very smart too. like she could get shrimp whenever she wanted.

it is nice your mommy can smile when she sees pictures of Dusty. the animal communication person we know says everytime you think of the pet that went before, they know it. i'm sure Dusty is glad to see her smile. purrrrrrrrrrs

Yeah, my OTW was like that with pitures of Grumpybutt for a while, and now with her dad. I guess for them, it's nice when they can look at the pictures again and be happy about it.

And if you didn't get along well crabbing together about the humans, I bet you would have had fun crabbing AT each other!


Dusty looks like she is an awesome kitteh! I thinks I loves her even just by looking at her pictor!


It is very hard, sometimes, to remember Those Who Came Before. We understand how your Mom feels.

Dusty looks very sweet and gentle to us... perhaps you could have been great playmates Max - you never know!!

Sasha and Theodore

i am glad the woman is doing okay now and smiles when she thinks of dusty, rather than crying. what did dusty die of? my rags died in march. late march. i have a website i started because of him, in fact. www.floppycats.com/rags.html