We are out of crunchy treats.

Now, the Man left a reminder on the Woman's desk this morning, and she went to the store but when she came back she realized she FORGOT to buy crunchy treats!

How could she??!?!?!?!

Tonight when they have their dinner and it's nothing I can have and she has no crunchy treats to give me instead, I am going to SHUN her.

That's right.

I am going to turn my back on her and not look at her AT ALL. That will teach her. People hate being shunned.

Plus, I am going to starve to death tonight.

I need my crunchies.

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Have you no reserves? Didn't you stash anything away for a rainy day? Dood, you KNOW your mom's got a mind like a sieve, (they ALL do!), so next chance you get, hide some in a secret cache!

What?! I am horrified. Horrified! How can she? I would just die--or maybe just step on the caps lock so that the Woman has to retype this...

Do we need to call the ASPCA?!?

You certainly can't let her get away with this! My mom is so afraid of the wrath of the kitty that she made a 4:00 AM emergency Stinky Goodness run to the all night grocery store, so she wouldn't have to face our sad little faces when she tried to serve us only crunches for breakfast. You definitely need to teach The Woman a lesson. I think I hear her pillow calling you.

Max...she deserves much more than just shunning...some pillow-pooping is in order...

pee ess. we think you just love saying boobies.....

Max, did she give you extra stinky goodness to make up for it?

This is just terrible, Max. Shunning is a very good idea. Nothing gets the message across like a kitty who won't pay any attention to you at all.

She deserves the back of disrespect, and quite possibly the paw of doom.

Huffle Mawson

O M Ceiling Cat!!! How could she forget?? That is a serious offense against all kittehkind.

We are so shocked and horrified we are lost for words!

Do we need to Fed Ex some treats to you. Mom just went to the store and got a big bag of Temptations. We could ship it to you.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

Shun her good!
Then a rousing game of THoE in the night ending with some rousing boob bouncing and bladder walking. That'll learn her.

Sing to her at 3 am. That should remind her that you are a star and deserve your crunchies. Better than a note from the man!
(tee hee)

This happened to us over the weekend too. It is the worst possible end of the world type thing EVER.