All right. Book or not, let's Rock The Pink anyway!

Y'all know that Jeter's mom is gonna walk like 13 million miles in October to raise money to save the boobies, right? Boobies are expensive things when it comes to protecting them and saving them from the nasties. Even men have boonies! Imagine that!

She has a blog about it right here and you can go see the blister on her foot she got from training. I kinda wanna pop it.


The whole point to her walking until her feet fall off is to raise money for breast cancer research ('s funnier to say SAVE THE BOOBIES!!!) And it would be nice if she walked knowing she had a bajillion dollars donated. So let's raise a little money to help that endeavor.

Because truly...without a couple of nice, squishy boobs, what would I set my head on while I'm napping on top of the Woman?

So...I'm taking little donations. $5. For every $5 you donate through my Save The Boobies link (see sidebar to the right of your screen) you get a chance at winning this:

acer aspire netbook - 3 acer aspire netbook - 1

It's an Acer Aspire One 8.9" netbook, very gently used (like just long enough to load a few things onto it) that comes preloaded with Microsoft Office 2007 (fully functional...the Woman chewed off one of her licenses to put it on there) and it's already protected by Zone Alarm. It's lighter than most cats so it's easy to carry around, and it has a spiffy Decal Girl skin on it. It's got Windows XP, and Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, a gig of RAM and 130gig HD.

You want this, you really do.

For every $5, you get a shot at it. $25 = 5 chances.

Come on, rock the pink...let's raise some money to save a boob or two.

Donations will be accepted through August 1st at 11:59pm, and the winner be selected on August 2nd. So you got two whole weeks! Just 5 bucks!

And spread the word...

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We will definitely donate to this... all of us Sherwood kitties love our mommies nice squishy boobies, especially Sol and Charlie! Hee hee.
Love & Purrs,

What color is the net book underneath the skin?

ps Both our mommy and daddy have Acer aspire one netbooks. They love them and they travel great. I may try to win this one for my grammy

We're in, Max! We gotta win this netbook!! Oh yeah...and we think helping the boobies is a good thing too! Definitely!!

Under the skin, it's a nice glossy black. Shows a lot of fingerprints, which is why I thought a skin would spiffy it up.

We're so in, Max! What a wonderful thing to do!!!!!!!

Way cool. The Woman needs to go get her paypal info... we'll be back! That's a great idea--just think if she won--she'd have a netbook before the Male!!!

What a great idea, Max!

Max, it sure is nice you are helping save the boobies.
what a great idea! If we were lucky enough to win, we would give this to our Ant Kat. She always wants to borrow the mom's macbook. We'll be donationg shortly.

Ohhh, I may need to steal mum's plastic thingy for this. Boobies are important things to save.

I'm counting my pennies! What a great idea Max!

dood ... yer da gratest!
(i wood let u pop mi mom'z blister any time!!!)

an wid regard to da book ... u know i wanned to rite sumthin but i diden't becuz i wuz havin sum problemz wid spell check. if u ekstend da dedline ... i mite hav sumthin.
u never know.

Wow, what a great thing to do! Boobies are a good thing to donate for. We're in.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Saving the boobies, supporting Jeter's mom, and a chance to win a great prize? What could be better!?

Ooh pretty. Mom said we could steal her plastic card on Friday (payday).

That is very cool of your mom and you.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

We hope ya get lots of entries...

Okay, Mom donated $25!! we hope it helps!

theodore & sasha
(and jaime, the human)

That's a great thing you are doing to help save the boobies (and really, everyone likes boobies...) I'll have to get Dad to dig out his card so we can help out.

A nice thing to do. . .
My cat is 14.5 pounds, so I would hope the netbook would weigh less.

oh my! moms been thinkin abouts gettin one of them net book thingies for when she goes on trips. she says it donts be so clunky as hers laptop. hope she donts find our stash of green papers.