First the good news:

Hendrix has a new blurpy! Go say hi!

And the not so good news...The book we were writing is dead in the water. The Woman is going to sit on the submissions she got, but there weren't enough of them to make up even a short book. This is disappointing, but we know it takes a lot of time to write and people and kitties just don't always have that kind of time.

She debated extending the deadline but she's facing one of her own and the timing is now off and everything...but we can try again another time.

We still want to raise money to protect the boobies, and the Woman is working on that. So stayed tuned, especially if you've had an itch lately to own a netbook...

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Oh?! Now this I am looking forward to hearing more of. Well at the rate your person is going and the rate mine is going perhaps mine will manage to get a submission in if you end up asking for more at a later date...

We weren't able to get anything written cuz da mommakitty wuz takin' too much playcation . . . summer is a hard time to get da beans motivated - Pffft!

I'm sorry about the book. Maybe we can have another go some other time. Maybe my mum will even get off her butt and help!

Huffle Mawson

Mom didn't know what to write, so shejust kept thinking. SHe must have gotten a brain cramp cause she did not come up with any thing!

We will be watching for more about the netbook.

Well, Max, you are going to have to write the book yourself. I'm looking forward to anything that you write on your blog or in a new book.

We are sorry the book thing dint werk out. We sent 3 stories. We guess it is hard to write stuff.

We are thinkin of writing a whole book ourselfs. If we did, would you help us get it published?

LC & Ayla & Iza...I would for sure help you get your book published. My distribution system is tiny, but I can get books into the major online bookstores...get to work!

I also couldn't come up with anything for the book. It's sad that it is on hold for the moment. I was working on something, but it just wasn't going anywhere.

I'll get on my Dad and see if he can get something together for when you start taking submissions again.He's been very distracted lately with "work" and "stuff" and has really been negelcting a lot of the more important things, like cat stuff.

My miewmie is totally distracted by the garden. SHe says there is so much to do and every evening she has to water all the pots. I'm being serwously neglected.

Well, Tommy fancies herself as writer--not sure what she writes except a mortgage check and is made she didn't submit something. We're wonderful subjects! Tell your Woman we wait patiently for another go round!


crap crappity crap crap. we promise that we will get our submission in for next time. mommy even bought Joel an "I heart Boobies" bib. No kidding. We want to help the boobies too, especially now that Joel is using them...gross

I think we could do a nice submission on my meeting #2. You know, showing him the ropes, what is his and what is MINE. Let us know if you push the deadline back again.

Maybe you can write another book based on your blog like the other ones? We love having all your posts in one spot. It make us laff and laff. Maybe Buddah could submit comments?

We're so BUMMED! We love your books.

PS thanks for the welcome to little Joel! he is going to be quite the h@llion i think...

Max, we're reely sorry the book isn't gonna happen rite now. The Jackie Bean was going to rite somefing, but we don't know if she started it. Now wif her being in the vetty hospital, we don't know wen she will wake up and be able to rite it. But we'll make her rite it anyway.

Finny Buddy & Jazzy

Aren't you just full of information, Maxie? I must say, tho', most of the time it makes me laugh out loud! The rest of the time-I snicker quietly.