The People have decided to "eat better." I think I need to buy them a dictionary because their idea of better is food that the kitties can't share. Oh it's probably FINE for us to eat, but there's so little of it they're just not willing. It's pure selfishness, and I'm actually hungrier than usual because I count on those tiny bites to get me through the night.

Well, finally tonight we got some! There was salmon--which I normally don't care for--but the Woman didn't like hers so she had the Man cut it up into kitty sized pieces for us. I don't know how it was prepared, but it was actually good! It was FISHY GOODNESS!

I suppose tomorrow night they're going to have something else that's not kitty friendly, but tonight...tonight was good. I'm almost happy!

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Oh man. My human had salmon and ate the whole thing and we got none! You are lucky!

Our beans have NEVER shared their salmon wif us - boy, whut we would give to sit under yer table!

This is a switch. The Woman didn't like her salmon and you did. It sounds like your Humans have invoked the dreaded D- word on themselves. I hope you eventually get some more tiny bites of something good.

It's no wonder you haven't been happy lately Max - you're starving!

Huffle Mawson

Yeaa!!! You got some good stuff to eat.

Oh wow, salmon sounds delishus!

that sounds good. that never gets cooked here though. you're lucky!!!

You won that round!

You are lucky to get Salmon. WE loves it!

We rarely get people foods...I told my people that if they won't share their food with us, we won't share our food with them...fair is fair!!


Maybe he'll fix it wrong again and you'll get more. Hopefully some good fish again!

Mom hasn't updated it lately but on her kitchen blog she was starting to post healthier options ( that are easy to make.

At least you got something good, Max! Our Mommy pretty much never gives us any of her food. She's *so* selfish...

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

We don't usually like people food much,but we make an exception for Salmon.

My Daddy before he left, told nanny no fish for me! Salmon sound so gooood! You are so lucky.


I don't get it. How can the food be "better" if it isn't good for a kitty to share? It sounds dangerous to me.

BTW, it has been my experience that when the beans start eating "better," they tend to get cranky. Expecially if there is exercise involved...

I bought my raffle tickets! I've also linked to your raffle post tomorrow. Crossing my paws I win.

Poor Max, you are starving. Do we need to send you some ham or steak?

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

just be glad they're not vegitablarians YET!!!! We wonder if stinky goodness comes in TOFU???

If The Big Thing actally ate fish (to share wif us) we would just faint in happys. He hates the stuff.

Yes, I agree, Max. Humans are very selfish. I have to beg and look pitiful for get ANYTHING off my Mom's plate!

Max S