Oh man, dooods..I had the best night ever. Last night after the Woman gave us our Stinky Goodness--I got Beefy feast and Buddah got Gourmet Seafood because I have trouble chewing that, not sure why--Buddah wanted to play THoE so I said, sure why not. So we played and played and played and then doods, we freaking frolicked up and down the hall. That was very tiring (because face it, I'm fat and out of shape) so we jumped to the top of the tall climbing tree and curled up on the top perch together, where we could look out the front window. We couldn't see the moon from there, but there's a streetlight out there so it's just as good. We stayed curled up there all night long, me with my head on the edge of the perch and Buddah with his head on my shoulder. It was very special, and I think we finally bonded.

Tonight, I am going to let him have some of my Stinky Goodness. He's just that special to me now.

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