I really like that Vishus Deer food. I mean REALLY like it. So does Buddah. It's about as tasty as anything I've ever tried, and while I love food, I am a little picky about it. Like, I won't eat salmon. I don't know why, I just don't like it and if someone sticks it in front of me I make sad faces until they get me something else. I don't like the Stinky Goodness the stabby people tried to make the people feed me. I like my Fancy Feast, but even then I won't eat all the flavors. So to say I REALLY like it...that's something.

The only problem is that it's not stick to your ribs kinda food, and I need food that stays with me a while. That might be because this is crunchy food and not Stinky Goodness. But the Woman tried giving us a little of the Vishus Deer food and a smaller amount of Stinky Goodness, and by 2 a.m. I was starving. So I stomped around on top of her while she tried to sleep, begging for more food. And while I usually sing for the People at night, I don't typically beg for food until half an hour before I know it's time to eat. Or maybe an hour. Or two. But I am considerate and don't start jamming my nose up her nostril or punching her in the eye until it's close to time to eat.

Still...good stuff. Buddah always gets a little crunchy food with his Stinky Goodness because he needs more food than I do (apparently running around like your ass is on fire makes you hungrier. Go figure.) so he gets about a teaspoon of crunchy twice a day, and the Woman thinks this will be better for him than crunchy food that's mostly rice and wheat. And because it's not junky, I get to still have some, too, just not as much as he does.

She's going to look for the Stinky Goodness version of this stuff and let me try that, too. Because if I like it as much as I do what I usually eat...well, that's gotta be better for me, and I'm totally worth the expense. Right? Oh, and someone left a comment about it has potatoes and potatoes are bad for kitties...the Woman looked into that. It's mostly livestock that has problems with potatoes. Last time I checked, I wasn't livestock, even though the Woman keeps saying I'm a pig.

In other news...yesterday the Woman had a really, really bad stomach ache, the kind that makes a person wonder if they should go to the Help Me NOW stabby place, so I curled up on top of her while she was in bed and purred really hard, and she says it helped! She still felt like crap the rest of the day, but flt better. So she gave me Vishus Deer food as a treat.

She must still appreciate it because today she completely cleaned the litter box. Scrubbed it clean and all new litter! Kwid pro kwo, baby, kwid pro kwo.

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