Man...I got all excited today because I saw a link to these spiffy Cat enclosures and I followed the link and it made my little heart sing to find these:

It would let me be outside without being outside there's a thingy that goes from a window to it so the People wouldn't have to get up and down every time I wanted to go out or come in! It's BEAUTIFUL!

So I hollered until the Woman came over to look and she agreed, that is one spiffy thing for a kitty to have. So I said NICELY "Please? Please will you buy me one? Please?

And she poked around the website and said, "You got two thousand dollars, Big Guy? Because that's what it costs."

Wait. What?

I did not ask her if *I* could buy one. I asked her to buy me one. But before I could clarify, she said to start saving my money...

She didn't even let me get to the part where I was gonna promise to share it with Buddah!

Didn't I just write a book?

Where's my money from that????

I want my freaking money!

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