Whine, and ye shall receive...

So I really liked that Vishus Deer food, and I wanted to try their Stinky Goodness versions, and look!

The Addiction Food people send cans
This is our Album Cover pose...

They sent some! We got 2 cans each of King Salmon, Brush Tail, and Unagi. I'm not sure what Brush Tail is, but it has VISHUS DEER in it, so I asked for that. Since I didn't get a tiny taste of the HAM the people had for their dinner, my request was granted without any discussion. The way it should be.

First, we had to sniff it. You know, just in case the People tried to pull a fast one and gave us something else.

First, a sniff test

You know, as much as I love Stinky Goodness, I am very picky about it.
But I really dove into this stuff.

Digging in

Um, ignore the splatter on the floor. I got to that eventually...


Before we knew it, it was all gone.

And then it was gone...

So...so far we love the Addicition Vishus Deer crunchy food, and we both scarfed down the Brush Tail Stinky Goodness (do I wanna know what a Brush Tail is?). The key for this is how the People feel about it in, say, 12 hours. And how filling it seems to be.

The next can we're gonna try is the King Salmon. I don't like salmon as a rule; I won't eat the Fancy Feast salmon even though I LOVE FANCY FEAST and I won't even eat real live fresh dead salmon, so the flavor might be a crapshoot. Buddah will probably like it.

So far the only downside to this food is availability. It doesn't seem to have widespread distribution yet so it would have to be ordered online (for us, it might be at a store near you...) So we'll see how it goes. My people are whipped enough that they would shop online for food for me if it works to curb my appetite and make me healthier.

I'm going to go curl up and digest now.

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