Dood, I'm gonna miss you so hard...

Oreo hadn't blogged a lot lately; I just figured he was a little bored with it and would get back to it sooner or later. I missed his posts but sometimes a guy has lots of things to do, and finds new interests, but a guy can also go back to stuff. I hopefully checked his blog every now and then to see if he was back.

But then he was back with bad news, that he was sick. And I hoped really hard that he'd get better, but he didn't. And today he had to go off to the Bridge.

Usually that's harder on people than on us kitties, because we know what an awesome place the Bridge is. But I'm having a harder time knowing Oreo won't be amusing me with his blog anymore, and with knowing there's an Oreo shaped hole in his Mom's heart. So I'm gonna sit here and leak for a little while, and feel sorry for myself, and for his Mom, and for any of you who never got the chance to know what a cool guy he was.

Today is the Man's birthday and I'm still going to give him my can of salmon. But right now he's asleep from passing gas all night, and I'm going to go curl up and be a little sad.

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