Tonight there was chicken for the Peoples' dinner, and we were good and didn't beg, so we each got a tiny bite. But Buddah doesn't like People chicken, so I got to eat his too and he got a few pieces of crunchy food. I would have liked a few pieces of crunchy food, too, but hey! I got chicken! And it was the really good kind with the soup that turns into gravy on it. Now I'm just waiting for the Woman to open a can of Stinky Goodness for me, and after I scarf that down I'm going to plop down in front of the fire thingy, because the Woman turned it on just for me.

Oh, and we have proof of how much more awesome I am than she is. Her books got on the Amazon Kindle and my books got on the Amazon Kindle, and I am KICKING HER ASTERISK!

I am hoping to sell enough to get that kitty enclosure for the back patio, but she said not to hold my breath because I'm only getting 50 cents a copy. But someday...she's gonna buy that for me, because I WIN!!!

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