Doods! I ATE VISHUS DEER tonight!!! And it was AWESOME! The nice people at Addiction Pet Food sent me a bag of their dry food to try, and even though we only get Stinky Goodness the Woman said it as okay, because this food is grain free and that's one of the things she looks for when she buys food. The #1 ingredient in this food is VISHUS DEER! so she thought it would be worth a try.

Hey...what's this?

Hey! What's this?


Dood, go away. They sent it to me!

Bee-otch! I'll cut you!

Then Buddah got all Bee-otch I'll cut you!
But I made him back down, you can be sure of that.

Nom nom nom

I nommed and nommed


And I must say, it was quite tasty.

Buddah got some, too. In fact, I stopped eating when I was full and left some in my dish, and he ate that when he was done eating from his dish.

Now, the People don't know if we scarfed it down because it was new, or because it was THAT GOOD, so they're going to try to add it into our diet and see how it goes. If we don't gain weight and like it, we can keep getting it.

Either way, we'll keep ya updated, just in case you want to get your People to let you try it, too.

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