"Woman," I said as she sat just staring at nothing because she's lazy like that, "pretty up my blog."

"Huh?" she grunted. "Why?"

"Because it's been the same for five hundred years and I bet my friends are tired of it."

"Maybe that has nothing to do with how pretty it is."

"Bite me. And I'm going to poop on your pillow tonight, just before you get into bed."

"You're demanding I make your blog pretty."

"Yes. But in a manly sort of way."

"What are the magic words?"

"If you do it I won't eat your face off."

"Fair enough."

So I sent her to the computer where she typed and muttered and scripted and muttered some more, then she pronounced it "Pretty enough."

Phffft. Just barely.

It may be tweaked a little here and there, but for now...it's a little prettier, I think. I still need to make her declutter the right sidebar. I had to let her take a break, though, because it's almost time for my Stinky Goodness.

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