Oh man the people are upset. Yesterday the thingies on the wall that make the TV work and the fake fireplace (it spits out fake hot air without any real fire!) work...well, they just stopped working. Then later on the lights flickered and annoyed them even more. And tonight the Woman was writing an email and all the lights and her computer and little hot air blowing box thingy turned off. She grabbed a flashlight and went outside and poked at something on the house, which must have hurt because the house turned the lights back on, but the people are very, very not happy.

The wall thingies in the living room still don't work and it'll be a WEEK before someone who knows about such things shows up to look at them, which annoys them even MORE. They're, like, 52 kinds of annoyed right now. I can't say as how I blame them, because there's a good chance all the wire thingies throughout the whole place are just crap, and who knows how much that'll cost to fix.

Oh, and before anyone suggests it cause people already have, the wall thingies in the living room ARE all attached to a light switch (which is, the Woman thinks, totally in violation of Code) but the switch was on when they quit working. And the Man has this little night light (hehehe he needs a nightlight to pee by) that he stuck on the wall thingies and there's a tiny tiny trickle of power, just a tiny trickle which is not especially useful.

I get to listen to them whine for a whole week. Oh joy.

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