's time again...

Let's write another book!!!

Click the images for details. But the gist...we're gonna write another book. Essays, fictions, poetry...pretty much anything! This year we're gonna rock the pink and donate any profits to breast cancer research. Now, you might be thinking that doesn't have anything to do with kitties! But really, if you've ever used one of those as a pillow, you'd know how important the care and protection of boobies is. Beside, I counted and I got like 6 or 8 of the useless things. Mine aren't pillow worthy, but hey. BOOBIES!

Heh. I said boobies.

More details will come later, but for now--we have a concrete deadline of June 30 for submissions, and a projected publication date of August 24th (earlier if everything is in order, including layout and book covers done), so that the first to the royalties will be ready by October--Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Got questions? Just add 'em in the comments, or if you prefer, email me.

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