Oh man...the Woman and I were on the couch watching stuff on TV that was on the DeeVee Arrr (but not General Hospital, we watched that earlier, and it was so anticlimactic, all that fire and no one croaked other than the one guy that fell off the hospital roof, but he was a sleazeball so I guess he doesn't count) and we both looked up, and DOOODS! There was a kitty outside the window on the roof! It was a kitty that looked like me, only where I'm all black it was all orange. An orange tux! And it had a red collar like mine. But I'm not sure if it was a boy kitty or a girl kitty, because I was too surprised seeing it perched there so high up to think to inquire.

Anyway, it didn't notice us at first because it was too busy looking in the gutter to look inside to see that hey! There's a person with a kitty on her lap. She think the other kitty was up there hunting, and maybe it knows that there have been roof rats. She got up to take a closer look, and the kitty ran off, and she feels a little bad about that because 1) it was a pretty kitty and 2) it's welcome to any rat up there it can catch.

She told the Man about the kitty and he was all "Huh? How did it get up there?" because he cut the tree where it was near the roof, so they went outside to investigate, and apparently it's a short jump from the side fence to the roof on the garage. Short for a cat, anyway. So the Woman says the kitty can jump on our the roof anytime it wants, but she hopes if it catches a rat that the rat's not bigger than it is.

Part of me would to see that actually, as long as the kitty didn't get hurt.

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