Doods! Take a look at this! A really nice lady sent me a couple of Turbo Track kits to try out, so I did! (Ok, I think it's a lady. If it's a dood with a lady's name, I'm gonna be WAY embarrassed, but it's a COOL name and there's even a SONG about her by the group Bread. It's like really, really old, though. From the 70's. I think they had fire back then but I'm not sure.)

They check out the Turbo Tack

This track was made out of 2 kits (with some pieces left over) It's like the round Turbo Track a lot of us have, but your Person can mix it up and create all kinds of shapes. The Woman made this one, and a couple others, but Buddah went bonkers over this shape so she put it back together that way for him. And seriously...he's going nuts over this. I played for a few minutes, but he's gone back to it over and over all freaking afternoon. It was supposed to be for me, but I'm not gonna fight it. I can't say NOT YOURS, MINE! because he's having so much fun. And I'm mean but I'm not cruel.

Buddah plays-1

He likes the hump.


He really likes rolling the ball under the hump, and sticking his paws through it. That's what he's done the most, play with the hump.

Plus, I like saying 'hump.'

Here's another shape the Woman made from 2 kits with some pieces left over:

Two kits-changed the shape

Plus a view of one of the boxes...

What's really cool is that you can get as many kits as you want and make MONSTER big shapes, and each kit comes with a ball, so if you have lots of playful kitties, they're gonna go APECHEETOS over this thing if you put it together with lots of kits. Oh man, can you imagine a bunch of KITTENS with this? I really, really want to see like six 12-week old kittens playing with one made out of like 6 kits.

Now, here's the really sweet part...I have one more kit, and I'm gonna give it away! With one kit you can build a few basic shapes, which is still tons of fun. And if your really like it and want more, you can sit on one of your People and say "Hey. I NEED MORE PIECES!" and they will surely bend to your will and go buy you another kit or two or 4. I vote for 4.

To enter to win, just make a comment--it doesn't have to be anything more than "Me! Me! Me!"--but sob stories won't increase your odds, since I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner. So if you have a rash of the nipples and your whiskers are on fire plus you JUST CAN'T POOP, that's not gonna help. Though it might amuse me. Just because all that happening to one kitty, well, if you don't laugh you gotta cry.

So comment and enter! One entry per kitty, please. And you only have until 8 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday 2-22-09.

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