The Woman sat at her desk and surfed around FARK and was barely paying attention to her own breathing, much less the fact that there were starving kitties in the room with her. I did what a kitty needs to do, and sat there beside her chair reminding her every 1.136 seconds that we wanted to be fed.

At some point she grunted "It's too early. It's only eight fifteen. I'll feed you at nine."

So? The way it works is that she gets up in the morning, does her biznezz, gets dressed, and takes her drugs (not necessarily in that order) and then she comes downstairs and feeds us. Then she reads the newspaper (comics...don't let her fool you into thinking she's any level of Informed) and then she checks her email. So it is not acceptable to get up do all the Upstairs Things, then come downstairs and sit with the paper and then check email. It is not fair to skip the part where the kitties get the Stinky Goodness.

Since this was not fair, I felt I needed to remind her. And when she didn't get up...that's when I started hitting her.

I mean, I didn't hit her hard. I simply stood on my back legs and popped her with my mighty paw over and over and over and over and over whilst meowing over and over and over and over. And I might have started hitting harder after she didn't even talk back to me after 5 minutes. And I might have jumped up on the desk, head butted her in the face, then jumped back down to resume the hitting and meowing.

It was NOT, as she suggested, a temper tantrum.

I don't do temper tantrums. I do Pointed Reminders. And it worked! After 45 minutes on meowing and hitting and head butting and more hitting, she got up and opened a can of Stinky Goodness for us.

Am I awesome, or what?

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