Every night I work really hard to get the Woman to get up off her considerable backside to open a can of Stinky Goodness for both Buddah and me. Now, see how nice I am? I don't just do it for me, I work so he gets to eat, too.

And I really work for it. To be sure she doesn't forget, I start about an hour ahead of time. Getting her to get up requires a lot of jumping on her desk and head butting her, getting put onto the floor, jumping back up and knocking things off, standing up on my back legs and poking her in the side with my paw, then whacking her with my paw, and then more jumping on the desk. And meowing. Nonstop meowing. You know how draining it is to keep that up for 45 minutes. Meow, meow, meow, meow...

At some point she always tells me to be quiet, but that's when I know I finally have her attention and she's starting to realize she has hungry kitties and it's just about time to feed them. I can't shut up then, or she might start reading more stuff at FARK and then she'll never get up.

So as hard as it is, I keep it up. I work for that Stinky Goodness, dangit.

So she finally gets up and we run into the kitchen. I wait on the floor and Buddah waits on the counter. She gets a can and turns around and you know what always happens? Do you?

She pets him on the head and says, "You're a good boy, Buddah."


All that work, and he's the good boy?

Tonight while she's sleeping, I'm totally licking her toothbrush.

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