All right.

This trying to figure out the Woman and her sleeping issues is getting exhausting. I keep trying to figure out how to balance staying on top of my job as Alarm Clock and letting her sleep if she's had a hard night, but lately they're all hard nights. A guy has to eat sometime, though, so I'm never really sure where the line is between She Needs Sleep and I Need Food is. As hungry as I am in the morning, I need her to be at least halfway here mentally, and the lack of sleep is making her...well, stupid.

Yesterday and today I erred on the side of Let's Not Evoke The Sleepy Monster. Not only did I let her sleep, but I sat at the end of the bed and made sure Buddah didn't jump up there and wake her up. He circled on the floor, going back and forth beside the bed, trying to figure out a way up, but I wouldn't let him.

She woke up today at 10, looked at the clock and said "Wow! It's late!" And then she saw me keeping Buddah at bay and sat up to give me head skritches. And holy carp, she realized how helpful I've been! She actually said Thank You! AND she gave us the really really good Stinky Goodness--Fish & Shrimp Feast! When we were done eating she gave me another head skritch and said she finally got a good night's sleep (thanks to me, Benedryl, and Percoset) so hopefully tomorrow breakfast will be a little eariler.

On the other hand, I'm actually getting used to eating later, so I'm not sure it will matter to me.

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