No matter what she might say, I was not trying to suffocate the Woman as she slept this morning. It's just that her left nostril was whistling, and I wanted to help by stopping it with my paw.

It's not like I didn't leave the right nostril open for her to keep breathing. People get excited over the stupidest things.

* * * *

If you haven't been to Artsy Catsy lately, please go visit, specifically to this post about Mr. Milky. Mr. Milky is a stray that came banging on their door the other day because something inside told him this was the place to get some help. He's a bit of a mess, with leaky eyes and swollen feet, but instead of getting all oh no you're getting bloody feet prints all over our stuff the people were all Poor kitty! We will love you and help you and take you to the stabby place!

Now, Mr. Milky has obviously had a hard life and he might need surgery on his paws, and The Artsy Catsy People could use a little help here. They're not going to turn him away because they're good people, so if you can spare a few bucks, would you please go donate a little? You'll be my very best friend if you do.

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