Many of you already know the Really Bad News in the Cat Blogosphere today. But I have a few lurkers who don't surf the cat blogosphere, and I wanted them to know, too...and it's hard news, and it's hard to share, but the Sticky Little Person involved deserves to be shared.

Monty's new Sticky Little Person, his little human sister Violet, whom we all knew as Sprout, died unexpectedly today. She was just shy of 3 months old.

This doesn't seem real.

You people have really big hearts, so I'm hoping you'll take just a minute and think good thoughts for Monty's family. They need every ounce of Mojo, of prayer, of good thoughts we can offer.

And I know just yesterday I asked you to dig in your wallet for a buck or two to help Mr. Milky--and he still needs help, he does--but I'm asking you again today to give a buck or two so that Millie's Mom, Lynne, can go to baby Sprout's funeral. She was Sprout's godmother and needs to be there.

If you can, the donation link is here, on the Cat Blogoshpere. If you can't, I understand. Money is tight these days. But at the very least please think of them all.

The Cat Blogosphere is in shock today. And to top it off, the lady reporter that came to my house and featured me in the newspaper, she died, too. That's sad, but she lived a very full life and did a lot of things. We can be happy for her even when being sad she's gone.

I am going to go sit on Buddah now. Dunno why, but he seems to like it, and it sometimes makes me feel better to make him squeal.

Go pester someone you care about, too.

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