William asked in comments of the last post: Oh, man. How would our moms like it if we changed the composition of their toilets? That's my question.

You know, that's a very good question. I bet they would get all bent out of shape and would whine and stomp their feet about how unfair it is.

I just wish I had opposable thumbs, because if I did, when they weren't looking, I'd take that clear clingy wrap stuff and cover the bowl of their giant litter box with it, then put the seat down so they wouldn't suspect. See how they'd like that.

I reallllly had to go earlier, though, and I didn't think I'd make it upstairs to glorify her bed or closet with a little Max Funk, so I went in the old litter box with the pellets all over it. No choice, I had to. BUT! I did not bury it. I just let it sit there on top, festering.

I'll take my victories where I can get them.

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