Skeeter & LC & Ayla tagged me for their new Fill In The Blank Mememememememe, so I give you:

Fill in the blanks…

1. “……” makes me hiss! Buddah makes me hiss! Or at least growl some. The stabby guy for sure makes me hiss.

2. “......” and “…...” are my least favorite things ta do. Getting picked up and squeezed and being told oh your so sweet! and going to the stabby place are my least favorite things to do.

3. I would rather “…...” than get a treat. I would rather get Stinky Goodness than get a treat. Especially if I could have a whole can to myself. Or even shrimp! Real live fresh dead shrimp!

4. Nip leafs are good but “…...” is better. Nip leafs are good, but the whole freaking plant is better!

5. Looking at the TV is “…..”. unless I'm “…...” then its “…...”!Looking at the TV is boring, unless I'm watching General Hospital; then it's educational!

On the litter box front...we're still not using it and the Woman cleaned out the old box a little while ago because it really did stink. She says she's going to leave the Breeze box there for a while because it's not hurting anything to be there, plus she's stubborn and she thinks she might win. If I'da known it was a Stubborn Contest, I would have started a betting pool or something!

I know some kitties can take weeks to decide to try a new box...I might wait until she's decided she lost and we won, and then I'll drop a big nasty in it. That would be funny.

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