Nothing says Good Morning to a person like a cold, wet kitty nose on their closed eyelid...

Lots of kitties and people are curious about the fires around here...there's a really big one not far from us, maybe 12-15 miles, in an area where the people like to ride their rumbly bikes. The last we heard the fire ate up over 4,000 acres, but was 90% contained, so there's hope they'll get in 100% under control by tonight. It's filled the air here with smoke, but the people are keeping the windows closed and they run the a/c so Buddah and I don't have problems.

The other day the Woman had problems outside but she was ok inside. Yesterday they said it wasn't too bad out and they even took Buddah outside for about 5 minutes. Today the smoke came and went. What's bad are the winds, even the breezes here are stiff compared to other places we've lived, so there's always the worry about the wind whipping up a few sparks and making the fire worse.

We're ok, though. If not for the news on TV and the people talking, we'd nevre know anything was going on.

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