Heh...the new litter box might be worth it just for the entertainment value. The Woman set it up right next to the old one, and did like the directions said--she put some of the pellets in our old box, and didn't clean it today. We both had to go see what it was and pushed the pellets around, and since neither of us had to go right then, we walked away.

She was fine with that.

So later we decided to screw with her. Buddah went in and pushed the pellets around, and the People were all "Someone's using it!" When the Woman checked, she was very disappointed.

So then I went in and pushed the pellets around, and for good measure then I jumped into the old box and peed as loudly as I posibly could, and she was all "Someone's using it!" But then she checked, and was once again disappointed.

I think we're going to push those pellets around a lot, just to get her all excited.

She's not going to clean out the old box, so at some point we'll quit messing around with her and give the new one a try because we really hate dirty boxes. But until then...this is gonna be at least 3 different kinds of fun!

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