Look! There's birds outside!

The Woman thinks we were bird watching together and got excited about it because we weren't fighting or anything. But really, we were discussing the litter boxes. Note I am looking away from Buddah, to distract her from our talking. She thinks we're chittering at the birds.

No, we were plotting our next move in the Great Breeze Box War of 2008. Now, Buddah likes the Breeze Box and thinks it's a fine thing to pee in, and I can't exactly disagree with him, but I have a war to win. So we agreed that he can keep peeing in it, but NO POOP. I will continue doing my biznezz in my treasured Tidy Cat Scoopable (immediate odor control for multiple cats...I had that even when it was just me, because my poop is THAT POWERFUL.)

This way, the Woman can get herself all hopeful and excited and stuff because someone is obviously continuing to use the Breeze Box, but she can't just take the old box away because someone else obviously is not. This creates more work for her, and amuses us.

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