Ok...the fire is 100% contained, but not out yet. It's super smoky around here today; look out the window and you'd think it was the middle of winter, with that drab gray sky feeling like it should be wicked cold out.

The people haven't opened a window in days, and they keep the a/c going, but I heard the People today discussing Buddah. They think the smoke is getting to him a little, because he's kind of quiet and while he's not gasping for air, his breathing rate is up a little.

When the Man went to buy us some crunchy food at the stabby place he mentioned it, and they said something like, well yeah, the animals are breathing the same crappy air we are. So I don't think we need to worry about him yet. He's eating and drinking and begged for the Woman's yogurt tonight.

The People have itchy eyes and I heard the Woman cough a few times, so it's bothering them more now, too. Hopefully by the end of the weekend the skies will clear up and the People will stop whining about the whole deal.

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