V I C T O R Y!


Heh...my, what a big tongue I have...

We won! After 198 votes overwhemingly in my favor, the People have bowed to the will of the kitties, and we get Stinky Goodness again! We're only going to get 1 can each per day, and the Woman is going to leave out just a little bit of the dry diet food, and she says "if you don't like it, don't eat it, but you're not going to be starving, so no whining."

We'll see.

It was an eye opening poll, for sure. It broke down like this:

  • 31% realize my awesomeness
  • 27% think I'm going to desecrate a pillow if I don't get some soon
  • 22% believe I'll be fat forever anyway
  • 16% are Buddah sympathizers
  • 5% are just mean, and can kiss my furry black and white ass.


I'm happy now. And. AND! My Breeze litter box system got here today! We are going to test it out and see how we like it, just like Skeeter & LC & Ayla did. I'll poop anywhere, so the People are pretty sure I'll use the box. Plus, I'm a Tidy Cat man, and it's from Tidy Cat, so it's got to be good. Right?

It's Here! Hurry Up! It's real! Take it out! Ok, I'll pose

They think they'll start us on it tomorrow, even though I keep begging for them to start tonight. I want them to open the box! But tonight the whole living room and kitchen in shambles because for whatever reason the Woman thought it would be fun to rearrange everything, only she got halfway done and realized she needed Man Muscle to move the TV and stuff, so she has to wait for the Man to be not too tired to help (he had to pass gas all day...that wears a guy out, you know.)

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