March 22, 2008

Oh man, I was so close...this morning while the Woman was reading the paper I jumped up on the counter and very quietly pulled open the drawer where the People keep the crunchy treats, and I almost had the bag out when she looked up and asked what I thought I was doing.

So I said, "Getting what you didn't get me. Duh." She got up and picked me up and put me on the floor, so I looked around and spotted a good crunchy treat substitute, so I jumped up on the table and started to open the package with my teeth, but she saw that, too and said, "We don't eat Oroes for breakfast."

Well, that idea was just gross. I didn't want to eat Oreo, I wanted a cookie. She took the package away and put it in the pantry.

Next time, I'm waiting until she's not around. But now I know I can totally get the crunchy treat drawer open, and we all know it doesn't take much effort to rip one open with sharp teeth. It's going to be Crunchy Treat Heaven.

Oh yeah.

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