Buds...I very much appreciate how much you all had my back on this picture thing. I know some people (perhaps kitties, too) think I was making something big out of something little...and sure, in the grand scheme of things it was something little. It's not like someone had reached through my blog and stabbed me with a dirty poky finger that had been wedged up their nose; it was just a picture. And the blogger in question has taken all the kitty pictures down, and I am grateful for that.

So now...I think we oughta leave her alone. Maybe someday she'll come back with a real cat blog, and if she does I'll be happy to welcome her to the cat blog community, because we all do things that defy explanation once in a while.

Now, an explanation would have been nice, but none of my emails were even acknowledged. Still, a grudge is a terrible thing to carry, so since it's over, it's over. Does that make sense? I'm going to go on the assumption that she didn't realize it was not a nice thing to do, and let it go at that.

For the record, if anyone else wants to use my pictures for caption contests or even to just say "Lookit Max...why would he do this? CRACKHEAD!" that's cool. I don't mind stuff like that, and I am too beautiful to bypass sometimes*. It's imposterizing that bugs me.

Thanks for standing up for me. And for not pointing and laughing at my panties that were caught in a knot. I've taken them off now, and they're in the laundry.

*Yes I am! I am too THAT beautiful!!! Heh.

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