First things first...I did receive a nice email from the blog owner so it's definitely over, and I hope that as she kitty blogs that we can welcome her 6 fur friends into cat blogosphere. Seriously. Getting to know new kitties is always a good thing.



Enuff!See how nice we were to each other?

Ok, this was after we played nicely with his presents. He got a little pink sock (well, 2 of them, and he let me play with one) from the Woman and the Man, and I gave him a crinkle sack.

Cool!He's not too sure about it yet, but he inspected it for a little bit...and then went and played with his little pink sock some more. I have to admit, the socks are kind of irresistible. Whatever crack the People filled them with, it's the good stuff.

There are more pictures at Flickr. And later there's going to be shrimp!

Tell ya what, if Buddah didn't have a good birthday, *I* sure enjoyed it!

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