All we got the Woman to put our old food back out, but in the spiffy new ceramic dishes. That was a nice feat, and she did cave easily, so I got to thinking--there must be more. We must torture her just a little longer, just to show her who's really in charge.

So we refused to eat. We wouldn't eat the new food (mixed with the old) in the spiffy new dishes, then we wouldn't eat the old food in the spiffy new dishes. She was all kinds of upset when we went all day Friday and most of Saturday without eating (well, we did accept treats), and the Man mused that perhaps we wanted our old metal dishes back.

Now, Saturday morning she decided that we felt bad after the shots and just couldn't get started eating again after feeling a little queasy, so she went out and bought salmon steaks for the Man to have for dinner, and for him to share with us. And she bought shrimp. SHRIMP!

She put our old food back into our old dishes, and then put the new dishes up on the counter, and the Man cooked the salmon. When he was done the Woman cut up almost an entire salmon steak and put it on two plates for us.

But we refused to eat it.

She was exasperated.

Then the Man said, "Well, wasn't it the salmon they wouldn't eat when they were getting canned food?" and the light bulb went off over her head. I could practically see the soft glow of glassy incandescence about 2 inches above her hair, and the word DUH throbbing in the middle of that bulb.

So...they cut up shrimp. Not just a little shrimp, but like 4 whole shrimps for each of us.

Okay, a guy can only hold out for so long. I would have to be half dead to pass up shrimp, and Buddah was hungry enough by then he wanted his share, too.

So we scarfed it down and the Woman felt all warm and fuzzy inside because they managed to get food inside us. And then the People talked about buying a few more metal dishes, and they'd just wash them a lot more. It was too bad the ceramic didn't pan out, but they were cheap, so it was all right.


The Woman went to sit down, and I jumped up on the counter.

And I ate out of the spiffy new dishes.

Just because I could.

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