The new is Teh Suck. It sucketh so much that neither Buddah nor I have eaten since the Woman mixed some of it in with our old food. Last night she went to refill our dishes (new, ceramic, very shallow) and realized they were still full.

This morning they were still full, and we sat in front of them, staring forlornly at the two dishes full of suck. I was hungry; Buddah was hungry. But we were not eating that...stuff.

We are stubborn kitties, she knows that. So she dumped the new mixed up food and filled our spiffy new ceramic dishes with the old, and said "All win. Food you won't eat isn't worth the money."

I could have told her that, but it's not like she would have listened to me. No, she listened to the stabby lady, who insulted me by hinting that I was fat, and then she wasted good money on sucky food.

I bet it was my money, too. You know the People wouldn't spend any of their money.


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