Ha! I knew it! ZITS! It's just ZITS! IN YOUR FACE, PEOPLE!!!

Now...I was a very good kitty at the vet today, I figure I needed to set an example for Buddah. And we saw the nice lady stabby person, not the bald guy. I didn't even see him there, so I'm not sure what was up with that. I think maybe he was just afraid of the Magnificence of Max, and called in sick.

She looked at Buddah first, and he squirmed a little because he was trying to look around the room, but he didn't even holler when she stabbed him--TWICE.

She was a little afraid of the Magnificence of Max, too, because she wouldn't even let me out of my plastic tomb in the little room with the cold, hard table. She had another lady take me into the back room so she could have help looking at my zits and stabbing me THREE times. THREE! Like there was a penalty stab! I think it was retribution for pooping just as they were taking me out of my tomb.

Come on, I had to do it. A trip to the stabby place is not complete without a little Max poop. But since it was the nice stabby lady, I didn't go on a pooping rampage, I only let loose enough to remind them of my glory.

Oh, and then I peed in the tomb, so the people would have something to enjoy on the way home.

She's a nice lady, but she says I'm still fat, so we have a new food the People have to mix in with our regular food. Buddah's not fat but he is 15 pounds, and they don't want him to get fat, so he can eat the new food, too.

So...we're healthy, I have zits, and I am still the Poop-At-Will-King!

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