The Woman Interrupts Max's Blog For The Following:

Max has an admirer. A very persistent admirer who is =this= close to being a stalker. She/he/it (not really sure at this point) has been fishing for Max's home address...and I know I don't have to ask this but for sanity's sake I am anyway: If you're one of the few who actually has a physical street address for Max and Buddah please don't share it. Max's admirer probably means no harm, but it's not a chance I'd like to take...

Thanks :)

End Of Interruption...


Max here...I bet it's a girl kitty. A very pretty girl kitty, and the Woman just doesn't want me to meet anyone nice. She says we have a P.O. Box for snail mail, but really, I don't want any snails. Come to think of it, I don't really want a girl kitty, either, because I would just wind up disappointing her.

Man, my life sucks.

But I did get some mail from The Grandma today! She sent me and Buddah some treats, and LOTS of them. So SHE must not think I'm fat!

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