Paraphrasing Several Emails:

Hey Max, I can't find anyplace on your blog to sign up to be able to read your blog! Where is it? can I do $5 every month or can I sign up for a whole year?

I am not laughing at anyone.
Really, I'm not.
But heck, I just might put a SEND ME MONEY icon up.
Because you all are so cute.

Most of you got it...if you really think I'm going to charge to read my blog, please check your calendar and think about what yesterday was.

You make me laugh.
I like you all fo that!

And in other news:

Happy Birthday To The Younger Human!

He's 23 and not as wrinkly as the other People.
Or as grumpy.
And his hair doesn't have those funky white strands in it.

And I'm still not fat...

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