The Woman is done learning how to ride a donorcycle, so I get the computer back. Sort of. She's still reading and reading and reading and reading, trying to learn more about them and how to be safe on one, and she's doing a lot of it online, so she's kind of hogging it. I don't understand the appeal; it seems like a lot of time wasted when she could be inside taking care of the kitties, but I don't get a vote.

The Younger Human says she's having a middle aged crisis. That's what happens to people when they get old and are becoming useless. They have to find exciting things to do because otherwise they're just boring lumps of useless flesh. Moreso than usual, I guess.

So. We tried something different today to sucker treats out of her. There was an empty treat bag behind the trash can, so I grabbed it with my teeth and carried it over to her and set it at her feet, Buddah came along and we sat there and tried to look like perfect angels, and meowed nicely. "Can we please have a treat?" we asked. And crap, we were sweet about it! But she took the bag and said it was cute and impressive, but it was too close to dinner.



We're not freaking sticky little people. We can have a treat and still have an appetite for the Stinky Goodness. But noooooo....

Then to add insult to injury, they had steak for dinner and we didn't get any! Evidently I asked the Younger Human--nicely, I might add--to drop a piece for me one time too many. He refused, and the Woman said we couldn't have any.

Oh she says it's because I had just had my dinner and didn't need anything else, but I know the truth. I didn't roll over and act like a disinterested Stepford Kitty, so she wasn't willing to share.

You know, if she ever actually buys a donorcycle, I am going to sneak out into the garage and pee on it.

Timmy tagged me a while back for the Made Up Words You Really Like but because the Woman wouldn't let me have the computer, I couldn't do it. But now I can...

Squillions--I first saw Willam say it. I think a lot of us got it from him!
Can Opener--I think this is what Musette calls one of her People. And it's perfect.
'Beans--I got it from Larry & Jinky & Timmy. I don't use it but it cracks me up.
After Dinner Mint--Timmy's perfect pose that grosses people out.
Woofy--Buddah started calling dogs this when he heard one bark. Don't tell him, but I think it's funny.

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