I think they re-set the stats at Kitten War 'cause suddenly we're not losing anything and we have lots of draws. I wonder why... I mean, I didn't mind losing cause there are some really cute kitties there and surely I lost to the absolute cutest. Heck, I want my losses! 'Cause someone had those wins and I'm sure they want 'em back!

The Woman has either been hogging the computer the last few days, or she goes off and has the top closed so I can't use it. She's been "studying" all these things, as if that will do her any good. I'm pretty sure she knows everything she's ever going to know, but I suppose I should amuse her and not complain. If she thinks she's learning something, that might make her happy, and if she's happy, we might get treats.

:::looks at the thingy she's been reading so much:::

Motorcycle Handbook.

Eh, she'll never remember all that.

In other news, we have nice weather finally, and the People are seriously talking about building us a thingy to be in outside so we can enjoy it. Buddah likes his harness,but they think I might want to go out and be safe too. And I might!

It'll probably take them all summer to get to it, tho. So I'm not holding my breath.

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