This is why I could not get to the chicken after the Man threw it away last night.

This is what the People use to keep the good stuff from us.

On a good day there's usually a lot of stuff in there we would like to sniff or lick or play with, but no...the People, in all their lack of trust, opted to own one of these.

If we worked together we could probably get stuff out of it. One of us would have to sit on the foot thingy while the other sat on the counter and waited for the top to open, but then the kitty digging in the trash might fall in and not be able to get out. If that were Buddah, no big deal. But it might be me, and I don't want to spend my day waiting in all that gunk, hoping some People will finally come by and let me out. I'd never hear the end of it.

And it's too heavy to knock over. Trust me, we've tried.

So they throw away perfectly good things--not even just food things, but things we'd like to play with--and we can't get to them.

I blame Buddah. We used to have a trash can we could get into, but he got caught getting into it one time too many, so now we have this.

It's not fair. That chicken is still in there, I just know it.

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