Every once in a while the People look at me, make some snide comment about my weight, and discuss cutting off the Stinky Goodness supply.

Oh, one of them usually acts all sympathetic and says I would be miserable and unhappy, but the other always points out I would get used to not getting it and I would survive just fine on dry food alone.

So? What good is surviving if you're deprived of the one thing that makes life bearable? What good is living if you have to face the same thing day in and day out? Really, do these People not realize what they're contemplating?

Let's make them live on one thing for the rest of their lives, see how they like it! I bet within three days they'd be crying like the little girls that they are deep down inside.

Oh, they have the power to take away my Stinky Goodness, but they should be reminded, that I have the power to poop at will, and I would most assuredly do so in and on the things they treasure most.

But not the computer. No, the Woman may love this thing, but I need it. It's my only venue to talk to the world, and the world needs to know what how backwards people can be.

No Stinky Godness?
Not ever again?
Even prisoners get treated better.

Don't they?

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