This is Buddah's bed.
Only Buddah never seemed to figure out that it was a bed, so the Woman moved it from the bedroom into her office, where I now use it every chance I get. Someday he's going to realize that's it's a nice, war, comfy place to sleep, but it will be too late. It now has my kitty germs and my kitty stink on it.

And look at this.
The box Buddah is sitting on.

The People got it in the mail today. It's a really spiffy box all covered in carpet and it has a hole on one end for us to get in and out of. We got all excited thinking we had a special Kitty Klubhouse, and we both got in it to check it out...but do you know what those People did???

They stuck our litterbox in it!

This super sweet Kitty Klubhouse, and they fill it with POOP STUFF! Why can't people leave well enough alone? Why do they have to ruin everything?

I am so going to poop somewhere else.

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