First things first...the Woman spent a lot of time pimping my book, so it's only fair that I pimp her endeavor. She has a store where she sells t-shirts and stuff, including books. A couple people asked her for an all-in-one edition of her 3 novels, so she plopped down at the desk--taking up blogging time for me and Buddah--and put it together. Now all 3 books are now squished into one giant, special edition tome, and if people buy it, she won't have to prostitute herself to pay Uncle Sam this year.

It's very good. Her mother said so.
And who's Uncle Sam?

Anyhow...pimping duties done. I am now waiting for Buddah to fall asleep so I can jump on top of him with my full weight, just to annoy the little monster. He has spent about 60% of his day following me around, trying to bite me on the butt. I'm not even doing anything to him, he just walks up and starts to bite! The Woman got really mad at him one time and stormed down the stairs, picked him up, and took him back upstairs with her, and the whole time she was chewing him a new one. "We don't bite Max! It's not nice to bite someone on the butt!"

I hate to tell her, but Buddah didn't care. I doubt he was even listening. Or he was thinking "Maybe YOU don't, but *I* do!"

So at some point tonight, he's going to meet the glory that is 15 pounds of Max flopping down at full force. Maybe that will make a bigger impression than head-butting him down the stairs...

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